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Desktop Computers

Desktop computers are a category of computers that are primarily used at a desk. They are different from laptops, which are portable. Most desktop computers feature more add-ons, such as keyboards, speakers, or a scanner. Many also include a printer.

The earliest home computer, the TRS-80, debuted in 1977. The Apple II followed a year later. In the mid-1960s, a number of minicomputers took up entire rooms. However, the rise of the laptop and smartphone has cut into the popularity of desktops.

A desktop PC can be more powerful than an all-in-one, and it is often more affordable. All-in-ones have integrated screens and components, making it difficult to upgrade and repair. But they take up more room, which is a drawback for many people.

In addition to the monitor and mouse, you’ll need a PC’s motherboard, processor, memory, and video card. Most computers come with at least 8GB of memory, although higher-end devices offer 16GB or more.

Some models of desktop PCs include an integrated graphics card. Other models may have a discrete graphics card. And most desktops have at least two USB ports.

These days, most desktop PCs have a built-in modem, as well. You can buy an external optical drive for about $20. Also, most desktops include SD card readers.

You can purchase a desktop for as little as $500, and up to $700. For an even lower price, you can choose a Chrome OS or Linux desktop.