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How to Compare Between Laptops and Notebooks

Both laptops and notebooks are portable computers that can be used on the go. In general, they are easy to use and provide users with a wide range of features. However, they have different advantages and disadvantages. Buying one will depend on your needs.

The main difference between notebooks and laptops is in the size and price. Notebooks are usually lighter than laptops. They weigh from two to four pounds, and are about 1.5 to two inches thick.

Laptops are slightly heavier, with a maximum weight of five pounds. Notebooks are also less expensive than laptops. This can make them a better choice for some consumers.

Typical notebooks have 2GB to 4GB of RAM. Some include 8GB to 12GB of RAM. Their CPUs are slower than those found in built-in laptops.

Notebooks typically have an internal DVD drive, though not all laptops have this feature. Laptops are equipped with USB 2.0 ports. A USB 3.1 port is available in many new models.

Notebooks have smaller keyboards. Most have a larger screen. Although larger screens can be a sacrifice in portability, they are a good choice for HD video editing and playing games.

Depending on the model, the display size is often important. Typically, a laptop’s display is between 14” and 17”. If you want a large screen, you will need to pay more.

You can also opt for a detachable keyboard on a notebook. These are more comfortable for word processing and web browsing.