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The Functions of Flange Spreading Tools

Flange spreading tools (sometimes called Flange separators or flange splitters) can be a valuable supplement to the engineer on site’s toolbox of flange maintenance. They are offered in various configurations, and, as the name suggests, they’re utilized to aid with the separation process of pipes and Flange joints. The most common projects are pipeline construction and installation, regular maintenance, or when pumps or valves need replacement.

The types of flange spreaders

Two common varieties are wedge-shaped types that expand and expand collets. Mini-gap flange spreaders, which utilize an adjustable size wedge Jmdhindi. The expanded wedges can be purchased with the hydraulic cylinder or mechanically operated mechanisms. Mini-gaps and collets that expand models are mechanically operated only.

How do flange spreaders work?

The information herein will only provide an overview of the equipment used. Only people who are competent with applying hydraulic flange spreaders equipment can use these tools. Operating instructions from the manufacturer should be strictly followed.

Wedge style of spreader flange

Before connecting the spreader flange, make sure that at least two flange bolts remain in place, with loose nuts, to permit the flange work to be performed scooptimes. Insuring these remain in place can help reduce undesirable forward flange movement when spreading flanges and prevent gaskets from falling below.

  • Find the best position of the equipment around the joint. Two spreaders on flanges must be employed. They are kept from falling by using lanyards that are provided.
  • To determine which spreader for the flange is required, measure the gap between the flange and access famousbiography.
  • Put the spreader tool in the gap you can access, ensuring the entire dimension of the step is fully inserted towards the heels.
  • Separate the flanges using the tool.
  • Once the joint is open to the required distance, The Safety Blocks are inserted into the Flange joint.
  • Check that the full size of the selected safety Block step is completely installed before slowly pulling the device back until the Flange load has been placed on them.

Mini-gap flange spreader

  • The Equalizer product can be found on lower pressure, smaller Flange joints, with a minimum gap for access of 2.0mm (0.08 ”). 
  • Select the best arrangement for the dimension and type of flange joint you would like to segregate.
  • Similar to similar models, it’s suggested that two tools are utilized on the flange joint, which is positioned at 180 degrees.
  • The bars that spread are designed to fit only the proper specifications for flanges. The spreaders cannot be able to fit in the same stud hole newsintv.
  • Set the tool on the flange joint, and place it in the desired hole for studs.
  • Connect the spreading bar between the tool’s leg and the flange hole.
  • Be sure that the spreading bar is connected to another leg. Make sure the wedge is placed within the space between the flanges.
  • Each tool is turned one-half turn until the gap you want is attained. It is important to ensure that the force is distributed evenly.